Non-profit association of interconnected worldwide Practice Enterprises, coordinating events and competitions for Practice Enterprises in 40 countries.

The central hub of the worldwide network that supports and promotes international events and competitions. The CoC also operates its own events and challenges.

Main office of a country’s Practice Enterprise network. Provides support to national Practice Enterprises, provides trainers training, and manages all national services.

Trainee-run enterprise that runs like a real business silhouetting a real enterprise’s business procedures, products and services. A Practice Enterprise resembles a real company in its form, organization and function.


In the Practice Enterprise, the trainees are the ‘employees’ and ‘managers’ of their business. They can also be called students or interns or temporary employees.

In a Practice Enterprise, trainers adopt the role of a workplace facilitator or coach. The trainer motivates, challenges and supports the trainees.

A real-world company that gives advice and ideas about how a business is run and can provide the real-world products and services for commercialisation.


A competition between different Practice Enterprises from the same country or international. A Practice Enterprise competition can be held live or online.

A business-related case competition for PE trainees. It is an opportunity for the trainees to become familiar with issues related to doing business in the global economy and develop expertise that will be critical as they move forward in their education and careers. The GEC materials can be used on a national basis by any member and adapted to national needs. A GEC can be held live or online. be physical or online, including links for video conferencing, order taking and marketing. A Trading Event can be held live or online.

A sales pitch is a short presentation that attempts to creatively persuade the customer to purchase a certain product or service.

An elevator pitch competition is a short sales pitch competition which usually lasts around 60 to 90 seconds. It gives you the time equivalent to an elevator ride during which you should be able to give your clear and brief pitch.

A Business Plan Competition tests the entrepreneurship innovative ideas of trainees. A business plan is a written document that describes the characteristics of the business and sets business goals and how it aims to achieve them.

Challenges & Competitions

Groups events for putting the practical Practice Enterprise knowledge to use. Examples include social media, elevator, viral video, sales pitch, business plan competitions, as well as case study and enterprise challenges.

A Practice Enterprise trading event is any event that has the primary goal of increasing the volume of transactions between Practice Enterprises. It differs from a trade fair in that there is no physical stand. A trading event can be physical or online, including links for video conferencing, order taking and marketing. A Trading Event can be held live or online.

An exhibition of Practice Enterprises where trainees have the opportunity to put their skills to practice, such as trade fair preparation, sales pitches and commercial order processing, as well as to interact with other national and international trainees. There are regional, national, international trade fairs held each year around the world. Trade fairs can be held in-person or online.

A Social Media Event is a social media activity or a competition that takes place across different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The main aim of these events is to create engagement, generate likes and highlight specific content among followers.

General Terminology

PEN Code for Practice Enterprise (PE). PE Code must be less than or equal to 13 characters. First 2 characters must be from country ISO code and the third as zero (0). The last 9 characters can be Letters, Digits a minus (-) or an underscore (_).

A time zone is an area that observes a uniform standard time for legal, commercial
and social purposes. Countries can have one or multiple time zones.