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Sandra Gilabert
Technical Manager - Fundació Inform, Spain

"The participation of Practice Enterprise students in international online events is a great way for them to practice languages, learn good practices from other countries and feel being part of this global network of Practice Enterprises that is PEN Worldwide"

Giuseppe Sarti
Coordinator - Simulimpresa/Centro Studi Opera Don Calabria, Italy

"The teachers' training events have been carried out as online webinars since 2020 and allowed the Italian Central Office to go from around 50 teachers being trained per year to over 400, allowing for a much more widespread knowledge of the Practice Enterprise as an effective and innovative training model. Individual or small group consultations via videoconferencing have also been a useful tool for personalized and deeper training."

René Müller Eskesen
Trainee - All Colors Esbjerg, Denmark

"It was my first time exhibiting at a Practice Enterprise trade fair. It was an amazing experience seeing so many trainees interested in training with us, it gave me a big self-esteem boost. I would definitely do it again."

Trainee - All Colors Esbjerg, Denmark

"The process of creating the material used for the event was an interesting one. We spent many meetings discussing which elements would fit in and how to divide the tasks. People could volunteer for a task or be assigned one. Going through your own tasks, creating something and then discussing it and to gain the final approval or add changes, was immensely satisfying. It made you feel as if you were a part of something bigger – beyond your normal work routine."