The Practice Enterprise bridges the gap between education and the world of work. It strengthens inclusivity in the learning process and empowers trainees to take charge of their own learning pathways and learn at their own pace. Practice Enterprises reinforce academic skills and achievements, reignite interest in education, and raise the desire for self-development and the pursuit of lifelong learningOnline events offer the possibility to connect with peers and interact with youth from across Europe, actively involving trainees in the learning process, increasing motivation, initiative, creativity and responsibility.

The project is developing a future-proof event model that will maintain pedagogical accessibility even during times of crisis such as that we are experiencing and will still face in upcoming years. The demand for in-person as well as online events is still high and will continue to be high. With the inclusivity of the JOINUS project, organisations from economically challenged regions can continue their internationalisation strategy. This project is building a future-proof solution to allow the events experience to go online, while at the same time enhancing transferable digital skills acquisition for all participants.


The JOINUS Consortium is led by International Business College (Denmark). Partners include PEN Worldwide (Germany), Fundació Inform (Spain), Centro Studio Opera Don Calabria (Italy), REEP (France) and LIBA Association (Lithuania).